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There is nothing more amazing than the creation of a new life, every moment is so precious. My aim is to capture a part of this for you to treasure forever, through baby photography.
A one off baby portrait photography session is priced at £45.00 for 1 hour studio time; this allows time for a feed, change of nappy or even a small sleep!
Babies a few weeks old tend to sleep more and can be photographed while sleeping as this gives me an opportunity to pose the baby without disturbing them.
The session fee of £45.00 includes one 10×8 framed print of your choice.
I also offer a range of different baby photography packages for you and your baby:
you may also be interested in our Cherubs baby club, this is great value and has a number of discounted products. Cherubs Photography Package.

Baby Photography Booking

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Email : info@stephensutton.co.uk

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