Pet Photography

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Pet photography 


Your dog is a very important member of the family. Just like everyone else, they deserve a special portrait to be remembered by.

The skill involved in photographing dogs is an art that can only be achieved through practice. Each dog has its own unique personality and can demand a different approach to get the best results. To create a good dog portrait requires skill with advanced lighting techniques that is essential to bring out the texture of the coat. Finally, the perfect dog portrait often comes down to split second timing, you either get the picture or you miss it!

What happens during a pet photography session?

Pet Photography sessions are forty five minutes. During this time I will take a variety of pictures for you to choose from.

A few days later you will be invited back to view your photographs and what you decide to order is entirely up to you. There are no minimum or maximum “limits”. More importantly,  there is no pressure for you to spend either.

Pet Photography Session Prices

The session fee is £45 (payable at the time of booking).

I also offer gift vouchers from £45.00.

Pet Photography Booking


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